Wednesday, January 11, 2023

I would rather rest than use my smartphone

Whether it's walking down the street or riding the subway, bus, or bullet train, the sight of people using their smartphones or tablets seems ubiquitous, the majority at a glance. Sometimes, I get a glimpse of what someone next to me is looking into. Usually the person is playing games; watching videos, often viral videos recommended by YouTube; reading the news, comics, or ebooks; using Instagram; or texting.

When I took the KTX bullet train from Seoul down to Busan this weekend, I could see a boy watching videos on a tablet, likely arranged by his father because the father was just going through the routine of raising his son. While seeing people on their devices is a daily occurrence, for some reason, witnessing this episode made me conscious of why I use technology out of necessity than pleasure.

Sunday, January 1, 2023

Let's break the matrix RIGHT NOW

I've never set a New Year resolution in my life. Even as a kid - although I did look forward to receiving gifts on my birthday and Christmas - I didn't buy into the New Year hype. It seemed like a whole lot of ballyhoo for another day of the year. Thus, swearing by a resolution for the year felt even more distant. As far as setting goals go, I just go about it as necessary, without considering artificial parameters as the time of the year.

That said, I launched this blog and relaunched sister blog in December 2022. It took me about a decade of independent study, research, and contemplation to feel confident about publicizing my views. Moreover, with the way the truth about this world's matrix-like nature unveiling itself more by the day, the timing seems about right.

My goal is to transcend this control matrix we live in and as I strive and struggle to achieve that goal, help to transform the matrix for the better. The launch of my two blogs is a small step towards achieving said goal.