Sunday, January 1, 2023

Let's break the matrix RIGHT NOW

I've never set a New Year resolution in my life. Even as a kid - although I did look forward to receiving gifts on my birthday and Christmas - I didn't buy into the New Year hype. It seemed like a whole lot of ballyhoo for another day of the year. Thus, swearing by a resolution for the year felt even more distant. As far as setting goals go, I just go about it as necessary, without considering artificial parameters as the time of the year.

That said, I launched this blog and relaunched sister blog in December 2022. It took me about a decade of independent study, research, and contemplation to feel confident about publicizing my views. Moreover, with the way the truth about this world's matrix-like nature unveiling itself more by the day, the timing seems about right.

My goal is to transcend this control matrix we live in and as I strive and struggle to achieve that goal, help to transform the matrix for the better. The launch of my two blogs is a small step towards achieving said goal.

Through the content of and, my fellow writer and I cover seven crucial disciplines in our efforts to transform the matrix:

1. Self-empowerment
2. Nature
3. Farming
4. Economics and free currency (can be cryptocurrency but not necessarily)
5. Open source technology (software AND hardware) and free internet
6. Free energy
7. Matrix environment

Disciplines 1-6 are covered through Discipline 7 is covered through

At least in the early going, coverage will not be balanced for all disciplines. For example, my fellow writer and I both lived most of our lives in the city. At the moment, we are not experienced in farming (Discipline 3). However, we are both theoretically studying farming to transition to a rural environment, because we understand the importance of it to breaking the matrix.

Something similar can be said for free energy (Disciple 6): We understand the importance of free energy but due to a lifetime of having lived on the grid, we are beginners in the discipline. However, we are studying the subject, and will post on it when we are ready.

Vitally, we are working to build a worldwide network and community of kindred spirits. We wish to share ideas with anyone who has just about had enough with the destructive matrix system imposed upon us and is sincere about developing and implementing alternative positive practices and solutions.

So drop a comment and engage in discussion, or contact us directly. We treasure your friendship.

Happy New Year. May this year be the turning point in our fortunes.

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