Sunday, February 5, 2023

I don't believe in "demonic" animals

In some traditions, certain animals are associated with demonic entities. For example, the owl is associated with Moloch the god of sacrifice; the goat with Baphomet the goat-headed god; the fly with Beelzebub, also known as "Lord of the Flies"; the snake with Satan, and reptiles with reptilian humanoids. I am no expert on these traditions or entities, although I've had a nightmare or two in which I saw entities that seemed to have reptile-like qualities.

However, I am open to the idea that these entities exist, and even if they do, it has no bearing on my impression of the animals associated with them.

Frankly, I love all animals. I love the way they let themselves be guided by nature. I love the way they focus on the task at hand. I find this to be consistent regardless of the type - mammal, bird, or reptile - or dynamic - predator or prey - of animal.

To demonize animals just because they've been historically associated with so-called demonic entities is at best an overreaction.

Take the goat, for example. The goat provides us with its milk, wool, and even its meat. It has a reputation as a low-maintenance animal and from what I've seen on YouTube, is plenty affectionate, too. Such an animal is a servant of Baphomet?

Absolutely ludicrous.

The owl, while carnivorous, controls the rodent population. I'm also unaware of the owl taking burning sacrifices like Moloch.

The fly, while possibly a hygiene problem, also aids decomposition. In light of this observable phenomeon, as unseemly as the fly may be to some, I doubt it is demonic as Beelzebub is reputed to be.

The snake's cold, slithery nature may be fear-inducing, but it is eating, not Satanic. The same applies to the crocodile and komodo dragon. Unless I am in the direct path of these huge carnivorous reptiles that happen to be hungry, I doubt even these brutish beasts are out to get me like Thulsa Doom from Conan the Barbarian.

Don't get me wrong - I'm all for calling something evil evil, but these animals aren't it.

That's why they dont bother me.

(Image credit: Screenshot of Thulsa Doom in reptilian form from Conan the Barbarian [1982], captured by the author)

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